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South End’s Revolution Hotel opening complete with co-working space, murals

The 164-key inn replaces a YWCA and a hostel, and aims for millennials

A king room at the Revolution.

The Revolution Hotel is scheduled to officially open on Wednesday, December 5, at 40 Berkeley Street in the South End. The 164-room inn replaced a YWCA and a hostel, and is aiming at younger travelers, both business and leisure, as well as creative types.

To that end, the Revolution is conjuring up aspects of Boston’s pioneering past, in particular through artwork—including lavish murals from Los Angeles-based artist Tristan Eaton—and snippets of songs from the likes of Aerosmith, the Cars, and Donna Summer.

The hotel, which Mount Vernon Company developed and Provenance Hotels will operate, also hopes to draw guests with nightly rates lower than the usual for hotels near downtown. Rooms are available now for around $100 a night, for instance.

Finally, the hotel will house a co-working space called Conspire. These photos—all courtesy of Provenance Hotels—show that space, those murals, and the Revolution in general.

This “quad room” sleeps four.
This is part of the co-working space called Conspire.