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Newton’s oldest house on sale for more than $2.5M

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Bones in early 1700s

Photos courtesy of Coldwell Banker

The bones of the house at 9 Old Orchard Road in Newton’s slice of Chestnut Hill date from around 1714, when a local notable named Ebeneezer Stone relocated from Watertown to Newton and built the beginnings of it.

Subsequent owners—including a Lt. Thomas Hammond, who provided the house its nickname—added to that First Period structure, and the house now unfolds to 16 rooms and 6,321 square feet.

Its genealogy makes the Hammond House very likely the oldest house standing in all of Newton. (Some peg its origins even earlier than the first couple of decades of the 1700s—as far back as 1645, in fact.)

Either way, it’s quite old and it’s on sale now through Coldwell Banker for $2,599,000.

The spacious affair includes seven fireplaces(!) and the potential for seven bedrooms. There are also touches such as pine floors with 14-inch planks and a cathedral ceiling in what the listing describes as the grand ballroom.

There’s quite a bit of land around the house, too: It’s on a 26,000-square-foot lot right near Boston College.