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Boston one of the world’s 20 most congested cities

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But you already knew that

Rene Schwietzke/Flickr

Boston is the world’s 14th most congested city in terms of traffic and the seventh worst in the United States, according to analytics firm INRIX, which studied statistics from 2017.

Boston drivers averaged 60 hours last year sitting in traffic jams during peak travel times, according to the analysis.

That translated into lost economic activity, plus the simple cost of burning gas in those bottlenecks, of $2,086 per driver on average and a loss to the city of $5.7 billion.

The most congested stretch of road in Boston last year was I-93 southbound from Exit 20B/Albany Street to Exit 8/Furnace Brook Parkway. Drivers along that stretch wasted an average of 55 hours in 2017.

Los Angeles was the world’s most gridlocked city, according to INRIX, with drivers wasting 102 hours. New York and Moscow tied for second worst, with 91 hours wasted in each.

Boston, incidentally, was just ahead of Istanbul in terms of traffic congestion and just behind Washington.