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Dorchester vs. South Boston home prices broken down by sub-neighborhood

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Real estate research site NeighborhoodX analyzed market-rate asking prices as of February 6 in the various enclaves of Dorchester and South Boston, two of Boston’s largest neighborhoods and ones that share a long border.

The most expensive sub-neighborhoods in both were Southie’s Seaport District and Fort Point.

The most expensive sub-neighborhoods in Dorchester alone were Lower Mills, Savin Hill, and Uphams Corner-slash-Jones Hill. As NeighborhoodX research director Constantine Valhouli noted over email, however, even these priciest of Dot enclaves were less expensive than any in South Boston.

As for Southie beyond Fort Point and the Seaport, its West Side and Andrew Square are more expensive than its East Side, which includes Telegraph Hill and City Point. See the epic chart below for a deeper breakdown.

A couple of points to remember, too, in comparing Dorchester and South Boston:

Dorchester was once an independent town before it was annexed and therefore had multiple neighborhoods, including what became Boston’s Mattapan. That is why it’s included here, according to Valhouli.

“South Boston was once part of Dorchester, which is why Dorchester Heights is in South Boston,” he added over email. “This process of fragmentation and annexation also explains why West Roxbury isn’t actually west of Roxbury. Because ... Boston.

“But, if it’s any consolation, in Chicago, the statue of Abraham Lincoln is in Grant Park, while the statue of Grant is in Lincoln Park.”