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Boston garages 2.0: Imagining a region where parking isn’t at such a premium

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What then?

Page Light Studios/Shutterstock

One of the more curious development trends in Boston is the conversion of garages into giant mixed-use developments.

And one of the more curious transportation trends in the developed world in general is the rise of driverless or automated cars available on demand.

How might the two collide in the Boston region—garages re-purposed and a drastic decline in traditional car ownership?

Boston-based design and architecture firm Arrowstreet takes a stab at this future with these theoretical blueprints. Note the projections: “In 2035, the need for parking is expected to decline by more than 5.7 billion square meters in the United States (This equates to half the size of Connecticut).”

“By 2025, fully autonomous cars are expected to be available to the general public for an additional $10,000.”

These imaginings are not necessarily for Boston or the Boston region, but one could see them working here, whether in place of existing large garages or as ground-up developments.

Or we can just sink our garages and hope for the best.