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Cambridge curbside composting expanding to 25,000 households

Part of trash-reduction goal

Anna Hoychuk/Shutterstock

Cambridge on April 2 will expand its curbside composting program to all residential buildings with 12 or fewer units.

The move will expand the program’s reach to 25,000 households in 8,100 buildings from 5,200 households currently.

Cambridge in 2009 committed itself to reducing residential trash disposal 30 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050. The composting expansion helps the city toward those benchmarks.

The program is pretty straightforward: The city picks up food scraps and other compost-able material every week on the same days it picks up trash and recycling.

As for buildings with more than 12 units that have city trash collection, Cambridge says it hopes to start mandatory composting for those “in the near future.”