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Leather District hotel would be one of Boston’s largest new inns

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20 stories, around 250 rooms

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A vacant, boarded-up building at 150 Kneeland Street in the Leather District would become one of the largest new hotels in Boston outside of the Seaport District/South Boston area under plans broached with the Boston Planning & Development Agency on March 20.

An affiliate of Boston-based Hudson Group filed a letter of intent with the agency spelling out a proposal for a “slender, mid-rise” hotel with approximately 250 rooms.

“The project will supply sorely needed hotel rooms to the immediate South Station area, which currently does not have a single hotel,” reads the letter, which Hudson Group principal Noam Ron signed. (His firm is probably best-known locally for the Radian apartment tower at 120 Kingston Street.)

“The proposed hotel will complement the mixed-use fabric of the historic Leather District while positioning the Kneeland Street development corridor as a modern urban thoroughfare with a vibrant pedestrian realm.”

The 20-story inn would also have more rooms than any other currently proposed or planned hotel in Boston beyond a handful, most of them clustered in the Seaport and Southie. Stay tuned.