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Brookline house with conservatory, library on sale for $4.85M

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Koi pond, too

Photos via Coldwell Banker

The 8,619-square-foot, 15-room behemoth at 372 Warren Street in Brookline is probably the city’s most interesting new listing; certainly its most opulent in a while.

The house, which dates from 1900 and which is on sale now through Coldwell Banker for $4.85 million, includes a bonafide conservatory-slash-greenhouse and a wood-paneled library.

There is also a koi pond on the property; and there is a two-car attached garage “with ample room to build additional 2 car garage” if need be.

The house’s four levels include an au pair/in-law suite, the potential for nine bedrooms(!), and four fireplaces. Do look around.