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Cambridge, Brookline rents most expensive in the Boston region: Report

Boston proper up there, too

Cambridge’s Harvard Square

Cambridge, Brookline, and Boston proper were the most expensive municipalities in the region in which to rent a one- or a two-bedroom apartment as of March 1, according to an analysis from real estate listings site Zumper.

Zumper’s analyses cull from vacant and available apartments, so they are generally pretty good snapshots of the market.

And Cambridge firmly led the regional apartment market as it entered March. The city’s median one-bedroom rent was $2,480 and its median two-bedroom was $3,000—both flat from the previous month, but significantly higher than at the same time the year before.

Brookline was the second most expensive for both apartment sizes, and Boston was the third. Rents were flat month over month in each of those cities, too, while they were up markedly year over year. Somerville was up there as well in terms of cost.

Looking for a deal? Look farther out in the region. See the rundown below for one- and two-bedroom rents by city.

And just remember: It could always get worse for tenants.