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Boston’s mid-priced neighborhoods: How widely do their tags range?

A new analysis

Peyri Herrera/Flickr

Not every Boston-area neighborhood is Back Bay or Beacon Hill price-wise.

In fact, the region’s neighborhoods can be divided into three tiers, according to Constantine Valhouli, research director at real estate research site NeighborhoodX: The $1,000-a-square-foot-and-up neighborhoods, the middle tier of $500 to $999 a foot, and the under-$500-a-foot ones.

”To put these into perspective,” Valhouli said over email, “the same 600-square-foot one-bedroom condo might cost $300 a foot, or $180,000 in one neighborhood; $500 a foot, or $300,000 in one of the middle-tier neighborhoods; and $600,000 at the lower end of a top-tier neighborhood.”

And prices can vary significantly within this middle tier, according to a recent NeighborhoodX analysis of market-rate listings. The Waterfront, the North End, Southie, Cambridge, and Brookline, for instance, range from $1,240 to $1,637 at their higher ends.

On the less expensive ends, Eastie, Brookline, Brighton, and Southie still have affordable—well, “affordable,” per Valhouli—properties asking from $231 to $401 a square foot.