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Beacon Street maisonette back on the market for nearly $10M

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Three levels, nine rooms

Photos via Beth Dickerson/Sotheby’s International

The nine-room, 5,410-square-foot Unit 1 and 3 at 202 Beacon Street spans two Back Bay buildings and three floors, starting at the garden level.

It includes a 40-foot-long living room and a library; the potential for six bedrooms; a main bedroom suite that itself has the potential for a library (and already has a kitchenette); an elevator; a roof deck; four garaged parking spaces; and Charles River views.

Unit 1 and 3 is also a rare example of a maisonette in Boston. The quasi-single-family setup is common in cities such as New York and London, but hasn’t really taken here.

This particular rarity was a collaboration between New York-based interior designer Bunny Williams and Boston-based architect Guy Grassi.

It was on the market last year, and is back as of April 8 through Beth Dickerson of Sotheby’s International. The maisonette wants $9.995 million this go-round, the same tag as in the winter of 2017. Stay tuned.