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Scarlett O’Hara House’s neighbor in Beacon Hill is on the market

$1.48M fixer-upper

Photos courtesy of the Biega + Kilgore Team

The 1,795-square-foot townhouse at 3 Rollins Place in Beacon Hill abuts the so-called Scarlett O’Hara House at the end of the private way.

That particular house is not a house at all, of course, but a three-dimensional painting, an elaborate way of covering up a brick and concrete wall at the end of Rollins Place with what looks like a little bit of antebellum Georgia (hence the nickname).

The very real porch in front of the faux house does lead to two actual residences—and 3 Rollins Place is one of them.

The bones of the townhouse date from 1843, and it includes touches such as five fireplaces and plenty of built-in shelves. It does need some work, though.

How much for the privilege? $1.475 million through the Biega + Kilgore Team.