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Boston home prices crest $1,000/foot on average in several areas

Stats as of April

As the region enters the traditionally busy spring home-shopping season, real estate research site NeighborhoodX breaks down what market-rate properties are asking in various parts of the Boston region.

First, the big picture: Average prices range from $180 a square foot in Boston’s Hyde Park to $3,857 a foot in the city’s Back Bay. And the priciest areas are the usual suspects in terms of cost—the aforementioned Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the Seaport.

That costliness becomes even more apparent the more one drills down. “A growing number of neighborhoods have broken the $1,000-a-square-foot mark for average asking price,” NeighborhoodX research director Constantine Valhouli said over email.

These enclaves include: The Waterfront ($1,002), Fort Point ($1,060), the South End ($1,111), Bay Village ($1,236), the Fenway-Kenmore-Audubon area ($1,241), Beacon Hill ($1,254), the Theatre District ($1,374), Back Bay ($1,413), and the Seaport ($1,673).

And Boston’s Financial District and the North End are close to that $1,000 mark. (Some of these neighborhoods are, of course, no stranger to the benchmark.)

Then there are plenty of still (relatively) affordable neighborhoods and municipalities with a lot to offer homebuyers. Check out the breakdown below.