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Commonwealth Avenue traffic closure expected this summer for repair work

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From Packard’s Corner to Kenmore Square

Commonwealth Avenue Bridge construction in July 2017
Boston Globe via Getty Images

State transit officials plan to close the Boston University Bridge and Commonwealth Avenue between Packard’s Corner in Allston and Kenmore Square for 15 and a half days sometime in July and/or August. Officials are expected to announce the exact dates on April 23.

The closure is due to repair work on the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, which will center on the demolition and replacement of the westbound side of Comm. Ave.

The work is an extension of work that went on during the summer of 2017 as part of the $110 million Comm. Ave. Bridge replacement project.

The stretches that are closed to cars and trucks this summer will be open to MBTA buses and to bicyclists and pedestrians. Still, the vehicular spillover due to the closure to cars, trucks, etc., is expected to cause headaches on nearby arteries.

Stay tuned and plan accordingly.