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Sunny weather in Boston: Where to enjoy it for free now that it’s here

Parks, strolls, tours, and more


After many, many days of clouds and drizzle, the sun is slowly re-emerging o’er the Boston area. How to enjoy it? Try these ideas. They’re free.

An older man coming upon a trail marker in a forest. Boston Globe/Contributor/Getty Images

↑ One of the benefits of being in one of the more bucolic regions of the United States is the abundance of hiking venues.

Here are 10 such superb options throughout the Boston region. They include major state and city parks with miles and miles of scenic trails each as well as smaller, tighter rambles.

People ride bicycles along a river esplanade. The bike path has grass on both sides. There are trees on one side of the path. Shutterstock

↑ Need something a little lower-impact than a hike? Here are 10 locations for the perfect springtime stroll—parks, squares, streets, and other runs perfectly suited for leisurely ambles amid just a touch of urban bustle.


↑ Or just grab a bench or a spot of lawn. Boston has waterfront to spare; and along that waterfront are some fabulous parks. Here is a map of the 11 best.


↑ And, if you’re in downtown Boston, you’d be remiss to miss the Public Garden and Boston Common now that springtime is here.

Together, they account for 74 acres of urban escape, and include all sorts of famous features, including the Frog Pond and Make Way for Ducklings and the 54th Massachusetts memorial.

But there are plenty of hidden gems. If you know where to look...