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Logan Airport monorail under consideration, but sit tight

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It could take 10 years and $1 billion to build

The air train at New York’s JFK Airport

The Massachusetts Port Authority has decided to spend $15 million designing and analyzing the feasibility of a monorail-like system that would run to all four of Logan Airport’s terminals as well as to the busy, busy Blue Line, economy parking, and the car rental hub.

The so-called automated people mover would supersede the airport’s current shuttle buses.

But don’t hold your breath: Even if the analysis leads to a green light for the project, it could take 10 years and more than $1 billion to build out, per the Globe’s Adam Vaccaro.

Meanwhile, there are some less grandiose Plan Bs that Massport is willing to consider: A moving sidewalk or a walkway; or a small transit connection between the Blue Line station and Terminal E. Stay tuned.