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Yawkey Station renaming: What should we call the commuter-rail stop now?

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MBTA plans to rechristen it

Boston Globe via Getty Images

The MBTA is following the city’s lead in renaming a commuter-rail stop near Fenway Park currently named after the late Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey.

On April 26, a city commission voted unanimously to rename Yawkey Way, the stretch of festive street next to the ballpark, Jersey Street—its original name before it was rechristened to honor Tom Yawkey after his 1976 death.

The name change followed months of debate because of Yawkey’s alleged racism. The Red Sox, for one, were the last team in Major League Baseball to integrate.

The MBTA had long said that it would mimic the city’s decision on the street with its commuter-rail station. Which opens up the obvious question: What should the station now be called?

Unlike with Yawkey Way and Jersey Street, history isn’t really a guide—the station dates only from 2014. What’d you think? Some people have suggested David Ortiz Station, after the former Red Sox great and philanthropist. Some Fenway Park Station. Go.