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Do you supercommute in the Boston area? What’s it like?

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Marcio Jose Bastos Silva/Shutterstock

The share of Boston-area supercommuters—those who routinely travel more than 90 minutes one way to work—has bounced recently. Commutes in general in the region have grown more onerous and tedious.

The culprit? Housing costs mostly. Residents are pushing farther out, away from core commercial areas, in order to land decent digs—which, in turn, forces them to drive, bus, or train it that much farther in.

So, our latest open thread wants to know: Do you supercommute in the Boston area? If so, what’s it like? We don’t expect any sunny answers, but what about details? From where to where? Why? And since when?

Also, maybe you don’t supercommute by choice. In other words, perhaps you relocated somewhere in the area and the commute was originally a half-hour, 45 minutes, etc.—and turned into a 90-minute nightmare over time.

Sound off in the comments section below or on Curbed Boston’s Facebook page.