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Cars and Boston: Driving has never been more of a headache in the city

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Here’s why

Roman Babakin/Shutterstock

With stiffer parking fines on the summertime horizon and more garage conversions that reduce available downtown spaces—never mind the region’s ever-increasing congestion—it appears it’s never been more of a headache for drivers in Boston.

First, the fines. The Walsh administration wants to hike the fines for 11 of the city’s most complained-about parking violations this July in order to pay for bike and bus improvements.

Those improvements will include new dedicated bus lanes as well as dedicated spots for ride-hailing services such as Uber to drop off and pick up. Existing parking spaces would be used for these lanes and spots.

Then there’s the wave of garage conversions sweeping Boston. Granted, these conversions often incorporate vestiges of the converted garage, but a lot of spaces are disappearing. At the multi-building Bulfinch Crossing complex replacing Government Center Garage, for instance, there will be around 1,100 spaces instead of the previous 2,300.

Finally, the congestion! It’s not just in commuters’ weary heads: Getting from Point A to Point B often does take longer than it used to in Boston and the surrounding region. Add to this fact that public transit really isn’t an option for many—and, that for those for whom it is, it’s an increasingly dicey one.

Now, some will not weep for the gradually disadvantaged car driver. Will you?