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Amazon store in Cambridge’s Central Square appears to be on hold

E-commerce giant needs a special permit from the city, and it’s not clear it will seek it

Amazon’s renovated space at One Central Square
Photo via Cambridge Inspectional Services/Cambridge Day

A permitting kerfuffle appears to be delaying the opening of an Amazon store at 624 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge’s busy, busy Central Square.

The e-commerce giant has been seeking a certificate of occupancy for the vacant space at what’s also called One Central Square since January. But Cambridge inspectors have decided that the company needs what’s called a formula business special permit to open.

And it’s unclear whether Amazon will seek such a permit, which companies need to obtain from the city if they are proposing designs that are a bit too standardized for Central Square’s streetscape. Amazon’s store—where customers can pick up online orders—apparently fits that bill.

Yet the deadline for an appeal of the decision was May 14, and Amazon did not file one, per Cambridge Day’s John Hawkinson. The company may yet file an appeal; or start the whole permitting process over.

Or it’ll just wait until it rules this region commercially.