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Is Boston getting a little too noisy?

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Sound off

A woman in a hood yelling encouragement at the Boston Marathon.
A spectator at the Boston Marathon in April 2018.

Some neighborhoods in the Boston region are undoubtedly noisier than others.

East Boston hosts Logan Airport, for instance, with jets screaming in and out to all points globally. Tourists choke the North End, Beacon Hill, and Harvard Square. The West End and Fenway have to deal with crowds from the arenas that call the neighborhoods home.

And on and on. Yet these perennial earaches are being felt amid swelling numbers of people and vehicles on the road—and, heck, amid the breakdown in social niceties such as not talking loudly on the phone or not listening to devices at volumes even the T can’t drown out.

So that’s our open thread for the week: Is the Boston area getting a little too noisy of late? Sure, a certain level of noisiness is expected in a dense urban environment. The countryside, this ain’t. But is it getting to be a little too much?

Um, sound off in the comments section below, or on Facebook or Twitter.