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Roxbury home prices this spring range all the way to South End-like highs

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The average asking price as of April was $351 a square foot


The average asking price for market-rate homes in Roxbury was $351 a square foot as of late April, according to an analysis from real estate research site NeighborhoodX.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, given Roxbury’s geographic size and the diversity of its housing stock, the prices that produced this average varied widely—from $119 a foot to $1,094. See the chart below for a clearer breakdown.

“Roxbury is a fairly large neighborhood that runs from the South End to Dorchester, and the price range reflects this, with prices approaching South End levels at one end, and close to Mattapan levels at the other,” NeighborhoodX research director Constantine Valhouli said over email.