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Cambridge 3D building maps are slated for update in 2018

City launched 3D web page three years ago this June

Central Square around Cambridge City Hall

While much has been made of late of Boston’s online 3D map, Cambridge’s own such service is so old it’s ready for a major data update.

The city started working on the online three-dimensional initiative—which shows approximately 12,000 Cambridge buildings and features such as future developments and existing properties’ proximity to transportation, schools, etc.—in 2013 in collaboration with Harvard’s planning office and M.I.T.’s Facilities Department.

The 3D web page launched in June 2016, and added download capability in October of that year. Cambridge will update the data that the city uses for the web page this year, according to Jeff Amero, geographic information system (GIS) manager for Cambridge’s IT Department.

In the meantime, the 3D project has been working with different city departments, including Public Works, Health, and Public Safety, to add more interactive features to the maps. Stay tuned and have fun—can you spot your building or house, first of all?