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Commuter rail this summer will offer unlimited weekend rides for $10

MBTA hopes offer draws more riders to coastal communities

Boston Globe via Getty Images

Commuter rail in the Boston region will offer unlimited rides every weekend from June 9 through September 3—a.k.a. Labor Day—for $10.

The move, which the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority board approved on May 21, is designed to boost ridership on the system during its traditional down times. It is also hoped that the offer will increase tourism in some coastal communities north and south of Boston.

Crucially perhaps, the discount does not extend to the CapeFlyer train, which runs on summer weekends between South Station and Cape Cod. That will still cost between $35 and $40 a roundtrip.

Also, as the Globe’s Adam Vaccaro notes, the $10-per-weekend offer grows more enticing the farther out a rider is looking to travel because of the way commuter rail prices tickets: “For example, a round trip to Newburyport currently costs $23, so $10 for a beach trip or two to Plum Island might look like a good deal.”