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U.S. median home price would buy 371 square feet in today’s Boston: Analysis

The median home price nationally, by the way, is $200,000

Irina Klyuchnikova/Shutterstock

It’s no secret that Boston’s is one of the nation’s most expensive housing markets. But a new analysis from real estate research site PropertyShark certainly puts things into skull-splitting perspective as to just how expensive.

The site took the approximate national home-price median of $200,000 and penciled out what that might buy in major markets nationwide. Turns out that in Boston it would buy 371 square feet of living space.

Only in Manhattan (126 feet) and San Francisco (260 feet) would it buy less. Boston was just ahead of San Jose/Silicon Valley, where $200K would command 376 square feet.

Maybe consider Cleveland? There, $200,000 can buy 3,769 square feet. Cleveland, then? Is that the plan?