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Which places in the Boston area do you still call by their old names?

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For some, Boston’s tallest building will always be the Hancock, and the Polish Triangle is still a neighborhood between Dot and Southie

A glassy skyscraper at an up-close angle against a clear sky. Shutterstock

The Polish Triangle between Dot and Southie—that’s a good example. Does anyone still drop it in conversation? How about the New York Streets in the South End? Don’t hear that too often. Come to think of it, you don’t hear too many people say “200 Clarendon” either.

Yes, given the Boston area’s long history, a lot of names have come and gone. The most prominent remainders, of course, are the very names of major neighborhoods throughout the region, never mind those of the towns and cities themselves. But others have just fallen by the verbal wayside, lost except to certain locals who still carry a torch for them.

Are you one of those locals? Are there certain blocks, landmarks, enclaves, etc., that you still call by their old names or nicknames? Sound off in the comments section or get at us on Twitter and Facebook.