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Brookline fixer-upper with 15 rooms, eight fireplaces wants $4.6 million

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Cottage Farm Historic District mansion from 1906

Photos courtesy of Coldwell Banker

The bones of the 15-room, 11,991-square-foot mansion at 16 Prescott Street in Brookline’s Cottage Farm Historic District date from 1906, and the expanse is now on the market through Coldwell Banker as an “opportunity to design and execute a major renovation.”

How much for the opportunity? $4.6 million.

There is potential galore in the Jacobethan-Gothic-Tudor hybrid, not least because of the sheer size. The house comes with eight fireplaces and the potential for six bedrooms. There are currently four and a half bathrooms. Then there are touches such a koi pond and an English garden wall.

And the location is pretty prime for the size: Right over the border from Boston and close to Cambridge, too.

Still, $4.6 mill to get things started. What’d you think?