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Amazon’s Central Square store ‘opening soon’ after compromise on signage

Milestone comes months after e-commerce giant first started trying to open at Cambridge’s One Central Square

Photo via Cambridge Inspectional Services/Cambridge Day

Amazon and Cambridge have resolved a situation that almost croaked the e-commerce giant’s chances of opening a pickup store at 624 Massachusetts Avenue.

Recall that Amazon had been seeking a certificate of occupancy for the vacant space at what’s also called One Central Square since January. But Cambridge inspectors had decided that the company needed what’s called a formula business special permit to open.

It was unclear until recently whether Amazon would seek such a permit, which companies need to obtain from the city if they are proposing designs that are a bit too standardized for Central Square’s streetscape. Amazon’s store—where customers can pick up online orders—apparently fit that bill.

Now, just when it looked like Amazon would walk, the company and the city have apparently compromised on the exterior of the store. Instead of the company’s signature all-lowercase name on One Central Square, with the familiar arrow underneath that kind of looks like a smile, Amazon will go for a more nondescript “Amazon” with a capital A.

Paper signs on One Central’s doors say the store is “opening soon.” Stay tuned. Maybe it’s merely a prelude to something much, much bigger on the part of the company?