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Midcentury modern in Sharon with 27 skylights on sale for just over $1M

Lots of nature—house nestled amid Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary

Photos courtesy of Janovitz + Tse Team

The 11-room, 3,803-square-foot midcentury modern at 19 Moose Hill Parkway in Sharon is the product of a renovation that dates from the previous decade.

The current owners—who are now selling the spread for $1,099,000—bought it in 2005, and enlisted Boston-based Utile Design to turn the house exceedingly airy and bright.

A sizable chunk of that brightness comes via 27 skylights. As for the airiness, that’s due to the deliberately open floor plan.

The house, which includes the potential for four bedrooms, is also nestled amid the more than 1,900-acre Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary—lots of foliage, in other words. The Janovitz + Tse Team has the listing.