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Boston area’s late-night bus service extended to aid off-hour workers

Changes will add 282 trips total per week, could presage 24-7 service


Starting in September, the MBTA will add 282 bus trips per week in an effort to boost transportation options for riders who work late, in particular lower-wage workers trying to get back and forth from Logan Airport.

The additions will build on an extension of late-night/early-morning service that started in April.

The additions will involve merging some routes, including Silver Line branches that service Logan and Roxbury’s Dudley Square. Such mergers will also extend the lengths of particular routes from downtown Boston to as far away as Lynn as well as through Somerville, Medford, and Malden.

The MBTA also plans to get the word out more about existing routes such as from Roxbury to Logan in the wee small hours, per the Globe’s Adam Vaccaro.

Depending on how heavily these additional and extended routes are used, the agency might add more late-night/early-morning service after the fall. Heck, buses might even become 24-7. Stay tuned.