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Boston public restroom map includes info on accessibility, family-friendliness

There are some key omissions, though—still, give the city credit

The exterior of Boston City Hall. Mariusz Lopusiewicz/Shutterstock

Boston has done us all a favor and launched an interactive map of public restrooms throughout the city.

The imminently manageable map—which is part of the city’s Age-Friendly Boston initiative to make the city more manageable for older people—includes information on which restrooms are wheelchair-accessible and which ones are especially family-friendly (read: diaper changes relatively easy).

The vast majority of the pit stops are within city-owned or -controlled buildings such as fire stations, community centers, public libraries, and City Hall itself. There are also privately owned stops such as the Boston Marriott near Long Wharf and landmarks such as Faneuil Hall.

Perhaps because of this emphasis on city sites, the restrooms map is far from complete. As one observer pointed out, it does not include the public restrooms inside the Massachusetts State House, which can be a godsend to visitors to Boston Common.

Also not included: Various businesses, visitors centers, and churches, particularly near or along the Freedom Trail, that are amenable to those who need a little relief.