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Boston-area apartment rent data show steep yearly jumps in Quincy, Medford

Cambridge, Brookline, Boston region’s most expensive cities for renting

Eiji Ogura/EyeEm/Getty Images

The median one-bedroom rents in Medford and Quincy increased 9.4 percent and 12.1 percent, respectively, from June 2017 to June 2018, according to a new analysis from real estate site Zumper of rents in 16 municipalities in the Boston area.

The analysis tracked vacant and available apartments, so it’s a pretty good snapshot of what’s happening in the market.

Quincy also saw a sizable jump in its two-bedroom median; and two-bedroom medians were up sharply in Newton, Framingham, Haverhill, Worcester, and Fall River. See the Zumper-provided chart below for a deeper breakdown.

Cambridge, Brookline, and Boston proper are the most expensive municipalities for renting either a one-bedroom or a two-bedroom apartment as of June—a reality that should not surprise anyone who has been following the region’s rental market.

As for some good news for tenants, rents did come down slightly in some places. But, really, the meta-statistic for the Boston region is stubbornly high rents compared with much of the rest of the country.