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How would you improve your Boston-area neighborhood?

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The Boston Planning & Development Agency intends toward the end of 2018 to start working on plans to improve various neighborhoods around the city.

For instance, the agency will focus on boosting transit in Allston and Brighton, and reducing displacement of current residents in Mattapan and East Boston. Meanwhile, the city is already working on a major rezoning of downtown that will prioritize mass transit, affordable housing, and public spaces such as parks.

That leads us to our latest open thread, and it’s a big one: How would you improve your neighborhood?

Of course you’d make it more affordable and easier to get around in (and out of for commutes). But what else? What specific improvements are needed and should’ve happened yesterday?

And this doesn’t necessarily have to apply just to Boston neighborhoods. If you live in Cambridge, Somerville, Malden, Everett, Lynn, etc.—sound off in the comments section below.