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Harbor Towers sues to stop 600-foot building at site of Boston Harbor Garage

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Suit contends the ‘gargantuan’ skyscraper needs state legislative approval

Harbor Towers, left, next to the Boston Harbor Garage
Boston Globe via Getty Images

The trustees of the Harbor Towers condo complex have sued state officials and a developer in a bid to stop—or at least drastically slow—the redevelopment of the Boston Harbor Garage into a 600-foot mixed-use tower.

The Chiofaro Company, the development firm that has owned the garage since 2007 and that has been trying to redevelop it for about just as long, is planning to seek city approval this summer for just such a tower on the site.

There are already legal challenges meant to block the project via blocking a state initiative to rezone 42 acres of Boston waterfront and tidal basin in order to spur just such construction.

Now comes the new Harbor Towers lawsuit in Suffolk County Superior Court, which includes trying to block the rezoning. It also makes no bones about wanting to see the back of the plans for the tower:

Plaintiffs seek a declaratory judgment that such a gargantuan structure may not be constructed on the former tidelands at the site of the Harbor Garage (at the corner of Atlanlic Avenue and East India Row), absent a supplemental act of the Legislature, which in 1964 authorized conveyance of the properly for the purposes of a much less intensive development.

Stay tuned.