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20 most Instagrammable locations in Boston

Acorn Street, the Gardner, Fort Point Channel, Fenway Park, and City Hall among the selections—City Hall? Yes, City Hall.


Boston brims with spots worthy of digital immortality. Here are the 20 worthiest of your next Instagram.

Boston Common

America’s oldest public park (est. 1634) is a no-brainer. It is full itself of Instagrammable features itself, including notable monuments and the Frog Pond.

Public Garden

Swan. Swoon. #boston #summerwalk

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The botanic wonder next to Boston Common contains—as you would expect—splendorous fauna and flowers. This time of year, too, you will likely catch a swan boat—or an actual swan—in your shot.

Fenway Park

Storms coming... ☔️

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America’s oldest major-league ballpark. Enough said.

South Station

New England’s busiest train and bus hub teems with locals and tourists, a really prime place to capture the region’s energy.

Rose Kennedy Greenway

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↑ The famed 1.5-mile linear park born of the Big Dig has attractions galore and also boasts some enviable vantages for capturing fantastic angles on Boston’s diverse architecture.

Paul Revere House

↑ Just what it sounds like: The one-time abode of the immortal revolutionary. It’s a snapshot of Boston’s colonial vestiges and it’s right near the entry of Boston’s super-quaint, super-historic, super-crowded North End.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

↑ Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the museum’s interior is one of the most beautiful in Boston.

Acorn Street

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↑ This one is bucket-list as far as Instagram. Acorn has been called the most beautiful street in America, what with its narrowness, its cobblestone, and its federal townhouses lining either side.

City Hall

↑ Yes, yes—Boston City Hall and City Hall Plaza are often described as hideous, or at least uninviting (though that might change in the plaza’s case). But the structures—City Hall in particular—are among the best examples on earth of the brutalist architectural style.

Franklin Park Zoo

↑ One of the best urban zoos in the nation is also unsurprisingly one of the best Instagram shots. The surrounding Franklin Park—and its surrounding neighborhoods—are wonderful fodder as well.

Fort Point Channel

↑ The maritime artery runs between two of the city’s busier and hipper areas.

Arnold Arboretum

↑ The 281-acre, Harvard-owned Arnold Arboretum overflows with plant and tree life, a natural backdrop in the literal and figurative senses.

Louisburg Square

↑ The tony Beacon Hill enclave includes some of the most beautiful Georgian- and federal-style townhouses in Boston.

Faneuil Hall

With views like this we can't complain

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↑ One of the oldest large buildings in America is surrounded by a bustling marketplace.

Monument Square

↑ Instagram from where the British empire peaked in the Americas. Monument Square surrounds the Bunker Hill memorial to the 1775 battle of the same name and offers not only an amazing backdrop but a superb vantage for Boston Harbor shots and shots of Charlestown’s most charming streets.

Boston Harbor Islands

↑ The state and national site unfolds over 34 islands and inland parks, presenting plenty of options for the perfect shot of a lighthouse, the Boston skyline, wildlife, Boston Harbor, a flock of seagulls, etc—very, very maritime.

Copley Square

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↑ One of Boston’s truly grand public spaces, Copley Square serves as a crossroads for the city. It sits amid the historic Trinity Church, the 200 Clarendon skyscraper (Boston’s tallest), and the main (and very beautiful) branch of the Boston Public Library.

New England Aquarium

↑ An obvious choice for clicking away part of a day, the aquarium also perches appropriately on a prime spot of the Boston waterfront.

Commonwealth Avenue Mall

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↑ Memorials and statues dot the 1.3-mile run through Back Bay, one of Boston’s more beautiful neighborhoods. Plus, it ends on its eastern terminus at the Public Garden.

Zakim Bridge

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↑ The cable-stayed bridge between downtown Boston and Charlestown is an engineering marvel and a gorgeous symbol of the city.