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What did you pay for your Boston-area home?

Sound off

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Last week, we asked tenants in the Boston area how their rents have changed during the past few years (spoiler: A lot of rents went up). Now we thought we’d turn our attention to the region’s sales side.

So this week’s open thread asks: What did you pay for your Boston-area house, townhouse, condo, or co-op? And where did you buy?

It’s unlikely to have been a pittance. The region remains one of the most expensive in the nation for buying a home. There are myriad reasons for this, but a scarcity of options and a history of underdevelopment are probably at the top of the list.

Meanwhile, the demand is there, whatever the prices. Homes in the region, be they condos or single-families, tend to sell within a couple of months on average and, in the case of new developments, before builders even put the finishing touches on a place.

Go for it: What did you pay for your Boston home? Sound off in the comments section below.