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Fenway mural to stretch 143 feet on side of Boylston Street building

Work from Raúl de Nieves will in part complement Harlo apartment tower nextdoor

Rendering via the Harlo

A new 143-foot piece of public art is scheduled to debut on the afternoon of July 31, weather permitting this week on the side of Fenway Health’s Ansin Building at 1340 Boylston Street in Fenway.

Brooklyn artist Raúl de Nieves says that his mural “All Is One” draws from the tale of Saint George and the dragon, and “extends the meaning of the legend to a social and global scale.

“The dragon in the legend represents all forces destructive to life essence. Dragon slaying, a popular motif within hero myths from all cultures, marks a journey outside the perceived limitations of self. This journey culminates in personal empowerment that is rendered through love and contribution to society.”

Skanska USA, the developer of the neighboring 17-story Harlo apartment building, is underwriting the mural. The developer said in a release that its goal with Nieves’ work was partly “to contribute to the vitality of the neighborhood [and] create a dynamic visual experience for residents of and visitors to the Harlo.”