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Which is more awesome: Vermont or Maine?

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Maine, right? Still, sound off

Always Shooting/Flickr

It’s summertime, and the travel is easy—or at least easier with the absence of icy roads and snowbanks. Such travel can mean jaunts to our sparsest of northern New England neighbors, Maine and Vermont.

Together, the states’ populations do not even equal half of the population of the Boston metropolitan area. That’s part of their charm, though, much as it’s part of western Mass.’ charm, too.

What else is? Well, each state has quirky enticements—covered bridges, lighthouses, etc.—and, for some Bostonians, these enticements prove so powerful as to warrant relocation altogether.

But which is awesome-er: Maine or Vermont? Why is one better than the other? Or, more to the point, what makes each unique enough to spend significant time in? That is our latest open thread. Sound off in the comments section below.