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Which vacant or dormant sites in the Boston area should be redeveloped?

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It seems the thing to do these days—sound off

Boston Globe via Getty Images

Several vacant and/or dormant sites in the Boston area have been pegged for fresh development recently.

These include the old Hotel Alexandra in the South End, where a proposal would remake the shuttered inn as a boutique hotel complete with a 10-story addition. Then there’s the old Navy pier in the Seaport. The partially submerged jetty could end up hosting a two-story commercial project.

In Dorchester, the Boston Globe’s old headquarters is now headed toward rebirth as a grand tech hub called the Beat. And, down in Quincy, the long-closed Quincy Medical Center is on its way to becoming hundreds of residences in townhouse-style buildings.

This all leads to our latest open thread: Which other vacant or dormant properties and sites in the Boston area should see new such life? Perhaps it’s a spot in your neighborhood, or something you see on your commute. Sound off in the comments section below.