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City shutters Dorchester storage facility where people were living

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One ‘tenant’ was paying $230 a month for bathroom-less space

Photo via CubeSmart

City officials on August 15 shuttered a South End Dorchester storage facility where people were living illegally. One woman told police that she was paying $230 a month for a space similar in size to a walk-in closet at the CubeSmart Self Storage at 968 Massachusetts Avenue.

Such a sum, of course, is much less than what even studios rent for in Boston.

While some quasi-tenants of the storage facility had fitted their spaces with accouterments such as curtains and coolers, the spaces lacked bathrooms. That created what officials described as unsanitary conditions.

That and the illegality of leasing nonresidential space as apartments spurred the shuttering. The facility—which a Pennsylvania-based corporate parent owns—will stay closed pending a review.

It is not clear what will become of those living there, at least one of whom said she was the victim of a flood.