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What advice would you give a Boston-area newcomer?

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The Boston region’s busiest time for new arrivals is nearly upon us.

Late August and early September will see not only a slew of collegians arriving or re-arriving, but the debut as well of newcomers who decided earlier in the year to make the move post-summer.

In general, too, the populations of both Boston proper and its surrounding neighborhoods have been marching steadily upward of late, suggesting that even the harsh winters, the terrible traffic and awful commutes in general, and the often absurd cost of housing aren’t dissuading people from all over the globe from deciding to call the region home.

And that leads to our latest open thread: What advice would you give to these newcomers? What would you tell them—or warn them—about settling in the Boston area?

We offered our own set of advice here. What’s yours? Sound off in the comments section below.