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Moving day in Boston: Brighton and Back Bay busiest neighborhoods, analysis shows

And September 1 will probably be the busiest day for moving

Boston Globe via Getty Images

There are 444 moving-truck permits issued for August and and the first two weeks of September for locations in the 02116 ZIP code, which covers much of Back Bay, and 412 issued for the 02135 ZIP, which covers much of Brighton (and Boston College).

That is according to an analysis from real estate listings site RentHop. See below for the 10 busiest ZIPs from August 1 to September 13 in terms of permits issued:


As for which days might be the busiest this year in terms of moving, the analysis found 747 permits due to expire on September 1. A further 416 are expected to expire on August 31. Given that most permits are issued for a finite amount of time—usually no more than a day—it’s a safe bet that those days will be particularly rife with trucks on the curb, boxes on the sidewalk, etc.

For those looking of a silver lining in terms of congestion, know this: The analysis also found that the number of Boston permits overall actually declined 12.83 percent from August 2017 to August 2018. And this September isn’t even one of the 10 busiest months of the past several years in terms of permits issued.