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Boston one-bedroom apartment rents grew fastest this summer in Dorchester, Allston: Report

Meanwhile, Roslindale one-bedrooms saw a sizable drop


Median one-bedroom apartment rents were up 8 percent in Allston over the summer and 6 percent in Dorchester, the steepest neighborhood increases in Boston this season, according to an analysis from real estate listings site Zumper.

The analysis tracked vacant and available apartments as of the last week of August, so it’s a pretty good snapshot of the market for one-bedrooms.

The most expensive neighborhoods for renting a one-bedroom at the close of summer were along the South Boston waterfront and in downtown. In those places, the median ran to more than $3,000 a month.

Not surprisingly, the farther from downtown one gets, the less expensive one-bedrooms get. The median in Jamaica Plain was $1,950, for instance, and in Roslindale $1,700. That neighborhood, in fact, saw a 6 percent drop in the median, the sharpest of the summer.

Several other enclaves—the South End, South Boston, and Charlestown among them—clocked in with median one-bedroom rents well over $2,000 a month.