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Roxbury’s Ramsay Park carries high expectations post-renovation

Local activism spurred city effort to improve park best-known for drugs and crime

Boston Globe via Getty Images

Boston has spent $2.4 million renovating Roxbury’s Ramsay Park in an effort to not only spruce up the 5.5-acre greensward off Washington Street near Melnea Cass Boulevard, but to improve its safety.

The park had been known mostly for sometimes violent crime and drug use, including drinking. A few years ago, however, locals, including teens from the neighborhood, approached city officials about revamping Ramsay Park to make it more hospitable for residents, particularly adolescents and children.

Mayor Marty Walsh included a promise to do so in his 2016 State of the City address, and he and other officials cut the ribbon on the renovations on August 24. The redone park is cleaner, and includes playground equipment and waterworks.

Walsh said at the ribbon-cutting that the city will monitor Ramsay Park for criminal activity and cleanliness, per the Globe’s Jeremy C. Fox.