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Where does New England end?

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Hartford? The New York line? Sound off

Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock

A few months back we asked Curbed Boston readers where western Massachusetts started.

The query drew a bevy of responses on the post itself and on social media. Our favorite: “Once one crosses the threshold into Worcester County you have entered the hinterlands where civilization ceases to exist otherwise known as Western Mass.”

Now we would like to know where you think “New England” ends (or starts, if one is coming from the opposite direction). Obviously it ends at the Atlantic Ocean on the south and the east, and at the U.S.-Canadian border on the north (and part of the east).

But what about the west? Where does New England begin and end there? Is it the New York state line?

Okay, but what about Connecticut then? The western part of the Nutmeg State—certainly its southwestern corner—is definitely within New York City’s orbit, with thousands of residents commuting in and out of Gotham every weekday for work.

Is New England’s border more amorphous then previously thought? Or are there sacrosanct rules that apply here? Sound off.