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Which Boston-area real estate and neighborhood issues are you focused on this election season?

Sound off

Boston Globe via Getty Images

Massachusetts’ general election is coming up fast on November 6.

So that leads us to our latest open thread: Which major real estate- and neighborhood-related issues are you most focused on in the coming elections?

Housing affordability is probably at or near the top of everyone’s list of concerns. The Boston region in particular remains one of the most expensive metro areas in the nation for renting and buying.

Perhaps transportation is on your radar—in particular mass transit. Are you focused on candidates who say they have concrete solutions to the T’s perennial service and funding woes? Or maybe you’re voting at least in part on bike and pedestrian safety.

Maybe it’s something else entirely. Marijuana vendors. Food deserts. Park neglect or a dearth of parks. Property tax deductions—or the lack thereof. The effects of climate change.

Sound off in the comments section below. Keep it civil, please. Myriad challenges confront the region, and there are many opinions out there as to how to manage them.