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Seaport District prices continue to sail away from rest of Boston

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Listings in tony enclave currently average $2,200-plus a foot

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In a trend that should surprise absolutely no one who follows Boston real estate and/or neighborhoods, the Seaport District in August continues to outpace the rest of the city in home prices.

A new analysis from real estate research site NeighborhoodX pegs the average listing price for the Seaport at $2,209 a square foot—positively Manhattan-esque, even by modern Boston standards.

The figure—drawn from a range of $1,321 a foot to $3,740 a foot (for a three-bedroom at 300 Pier 4 Boulevard)—is well ahead of recent means for the likes of Back Bay and Fort Point, which averaged $1,299 and $1,231 a foot, respectively, in July.

In case you’re wondering what’s driving the Seaport’s prices, it’s new development. Just look at the breakdown at the bottom, wherein recent additions 300 Pier 4 Boulevard and 50 Liberty dominate. One more thing, too.

“It is worth noting that our definition of the Seaport excludes Fort Point properties,” NeighborhoodX research director Constantine Valhouli said over email. The firm regards Fort Point as south of Seaport Boulevard and west of Boston Wharf Road.