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Most MBTA stations and garages need significant repairs: Analysis

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South Station, Back Bay Station among major hubs that need major repairs fast


More than half of the 378 stations and parking facilities that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority maintains need significant repairs, according to an assessment the agency carried out to comply with new federal regulations.

The assessment rated stations and other properties on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 the highest. Some 57 percent of the places analyzed scored a 2 or less, meaning they need sizable repairs and fast.

As the Globe’s Adam Vaccaro writes, these sorry stops include major hubs such as South Station, Back Bay Station, and the JFK/UMass stop along the Red Line. What’s more, 11 of the 20 stations along the Orange Line and nine of 22 along the Red Line rated a 1.

The reasons for the widespread disrepair are familiar: Years, if not decades, of neglect; a chronic lack of funding that has only been addressed fairly recently; a lack of political will to really fix or replace what needs to be fixed or replaced; and a steadily growing population straining a beleaguered system.

The MBTA for its part says that none of the facilities are dangerous to use because of the disrepair. What’d you think? What’re you seeing on your commutes?