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Eagle Hill listings driving East Boston housing prices now: Analysis

Enclave contains both the majority of the least expensive listings and the most expensive ones


Eagle Hill contained the majority of East Boston’s most expensive market-rate listings heading into the second week of September—and the majority of the least expensive.

That is according to an analysis from real estate research site NeighborhoodX. See below:

“It is worth noting that listings in lower Eagle Hill dominate this analysis—they represent 60 percent of the five most expensive listings, and, at the same time, 80 percent of the five most affordable listings here,” NeighborhoodX research director Constantine Valhouli said over email.

“This highlights how dynamic this market is, and gives a sense of the arbitrage opportunities for converting some of the properties that can be purchased for as little as $233 a square foot into those which are selling for as much as $829 a square foot.”

The average asking price in all of Eastie as of September 10 was $456. New development is famously driving the neighborhood’s housing market, so look for this average to fluctuate widely in the coming months and years.