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What are your favorite places to visit in Western Massachusetts?

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We know where Western Massachusetts is (or we kind of do). But what do you do once you get there? That is the subject of our latest open thread.

Perhaps a visit to Western Mass. isn’t complete without a longish stopover in a particular town—Stockbridge, North Adams, Great Barrington, etc. Or maybe there is particular site or run of sites that one must simply take in if one is going to brave I-90 or U.S. 20.

What about hikes? Camping grounds? Watersides? Climbs?

We’re guessing, too, that there are certain vantages in Western Mass. come autumn where it’s more breathtaking than normal to take in the leaves changing. Ditto the region’s natural wonder in general.

Sound off in the comments section below about the essential elements of a Western Mass. itinerary.